Teeth Extraction / Oral Surgery

Numbing cream will be given followed by local anaesthesia to make it a comfortable experience for you. The non salvageable tooth will be gently elevated from the tooth socket and you will be discharged for home as soon as the wound has clotted shortly after.

If the tooth is badly broken down or growing out at an awkward angle, it may be necessary for your dentist to recommend surgical excision of your tooth. This means that some bone around the tooth may need to be removed to allow your dentist to get a good grip on the broken pieces so they can be removed from your jaw.

In the case of an impacted wisdom tooth (wisdom tooth growing at an awkward angle), the same process of surgical excision may also be necessary and this may also involve the division of the tooth for clean removal.

At TP Dental, we have the option of having the above mentioned procedures performed under sedation, relative analgesia or general anaesthesia as well.


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