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Why You Should Get Braces

Straightening crooked teeth is not the only reason to get dental braces. These oral appliances also correct crowded teeth and misaligned bite, such as an underbite or overbite.

Advantages of Getting Braces

Aside from straightened teeth, you can enjoy the following benefits from treatment with oral braces:

Enhance Your Smile with TP Dental

Our dental clinic in Singapore offers a wide range of oral braces, including:

Our specialist orthodontists carry out all the orthodontic treatment in our dental clinic. In addition, we use the latest dental equipment and digital dentistry to deliver effective and precise braces treatment.

Types of braces at TP Dental:

There are many different types of braces that are available at TP Dental ranging from removable braces (commonly known as ‘retainers’), expanders, fixed metal braces, fixed clear braces and “invisible” Invisalign braces. To find out more about each brace, please scroll down the page.

Who provides braces at TP Dental?

All orthodontic treatment at TP Dental is carried out by SPECIALISTS in Orthodontics. There are many general dentists who carry out braces treatment in Singapore. However, in our dental surgery, orthodontic treatment is ONLY provided by fully qualified orthodontists who are listed on the Ministry of Health (MOH) Dental Specialist list.

For children or growing adolescence

Removable braces (commonly known as “retainers”)
These are braces that can be removed by the patient him or herself. Majority of removable braces are used for growing children but some are suitable for adults too. Removable braces are used to correct many orthodontic problems including crossbite, expansions and deep bites (to name a few).

Growth or functional braces

These are braces that are used during the adolescent stages to encourage growth of the jaw bone to a more favourable position. Examples of these are:

This type of growth modification treatment can start as early as four years old and as late as 13-14 years old depending on the patient’s growth status. Your orthodontist will decide on a case to case basis to advise you on the best time to start such braces for your child.

Fixed Expander

These are braces that are fixed onto the molar teeth to encourage expansion of the upper jaw. A fixed expander is great for making spaces in crowded mouths and also for correction of crossbites.

Habit Breaker

If you have a child who has a thumb-sucking habit and is finding it difficult to stop, please speak to one of our orthodontists. We have a range of devices that may be used to encourage children to stop this habit. Prolonged thumb-sucking habits may cause:

Fixed braces

These are what majority of people call ‘train-track’ braces. These braces are fixed onto the teeth and can be metal braces or ceramic (aesthetic) braces. Metal braces can be silver (metal) coloured or patients can opt to have them in a variety of other colours ranging from primary colours (blue, green, red) to rainbow colours. Ceramic (aesthetic) braces are tooth-coloured braces that can be paired with tooth-coloured wires to make it less visible.

Fixed Metal Braces by TP Dental
Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed Ceramic Braces by TP Dental
Fixed Metal “coloured” braces

Fixed Ceramic Braces - TP Dental
Fixed ceramic braces

Yes, you read it correctly. Invisalign treatment can be used for teenage patients and we offer ‘Invisalign Teens’ for our growing patients. Of course these will be dependent on the child’s compliance and motivation to wear the aligners all the time except during eating and brushing their teeth.

Invisalign by TP Dental

For Adults
We offer our adult patients a choice of fixed metal braces, ceramic (aesthetic) braces or Invisalign braces depending on their lifestyle choice.

Fixed metal braces

The advantages of fixed metal braces are:

Fixed Metal Braces by TP Dental
Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed ceramic (aesthetic) braces

The advantages of fixed ceramic braces are:

Fixed Ceramic Braces by TP Dental
Fixed ceramic braces

Invisalign: The advantages of Invisalign braces are:

Invisalign by TP Dental


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