What is Paediatric Dentistry?

All parents know that a young child is not a small adult. Similarly, baby teeth are different from permanent teeth and present with their own unique set of conditions and treatment needs, such as Early Childhood Caries, an aggressive form of tooth decay in very young children often linked to milk bottle habits.

In addition to this, younger infants and pre-schooling children often present a challenge both in what they can understand, and what procedures they can cope with in the dental chair.

Paediatric Dentistry is thus an age-defined specialty, just like Paediatric Medicine. It encompasses all aspects of oral care in children from birth all the way to adolescence.

Here at TP dental our dentists are trained and adept in providing the dental care that your children require, in a safe and fun environment.

TP Dental - Kid's Playroom

What to Expect on your Child’s First Dental Visit?

The primary goal of this visit is to examine your child by gaining their trust and cooperation. Your child will be orientated to the dental setting and shown the dental chair and examination tools in a fun and non-threatening way.

After an examination involving “counting teeth”, x-rays may be taken if necessary. A dental risk assessment and treatment plan will then be discussed, along with instructions on oral hygiene, diet and prevention.

Depending on the situation and cooperation of your child, the first visit may be brief and involve no treatment, especially if your child is fearful. However most children are able to cope with an initial round of tooth cleaning. Most importantly, your child’s first dental visit is the key to instilling a positive dental attitude in both child and parent, and in setting the tone for future treatment visits and reviews.

DO’s and DON’T’s of preparing your child for the first dental visit:



What Happens If Your Child is Simply too Fearful?

Sometimes however, no matter how well you prepare your children, they may simply be too young, fearful or unwilling to cooperate, or their treatment needs may be too complex. At TP Dental our Pedodontist is on hand for just this situation.

A pedodontist is a dental specialist who has undergone 3 years of extensive post-graduate training in addition to the basic dental degree in order to acquire the knowledge and expertise to manage all aspects of childhood dental health. Pedodontists are registered as dental specialists with the Singapore Dental Council (SDC).

The pedodontist cares for your child’s dental health in the following ways:


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