Dr Siok Ngoh, Gan of TP Dental Clinic


BDS (Singapore); MSc (Periodontology) (U.K.)


Dr Gan Siok Ngoh is a specialty-qualified periodontist (gum specialist) dental surgeon. She adopts a holistic and integrated approach in her role as an oral physician. In the past thirty years of practice, she has helped many medically compromised patients manage their oral health. Her interests and focus are in helping medically compromised patients enjoy a better quality of life, with conservative therapies along with drug-free products as far as possible, to support oral care.

Holistic Dentistry is an integrated approach that promotes health and wellness of the whole person — instead of just treating the oral disease. This approach encompasses both modern evidence-based science and knowledge drawn from the world traditions on natural healing. Thus the whole-person approach is acknowledged, which deals with the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, and not merely his “Teeth” – or even her “Mouth”.

Dr Gan Siok Ngoh graduated from National University of Singapore in 1981

In 1991, after attaining her specialist degree in Periodontology in UK, she returned to a private medical centre in Singapore to practice. Being in a medical centre which sees a number of chronically ill and medically compromised patients with dental problems, she became very concerned about the unique dental problems of such patients who are affected subtly but surely by conventional dental treatment. 

She searched other centres in the world for ways to assist and augment the healing capacity of the human body as well as to understand the suitability of dental treatment to address their dental needs.  This brought her to visit the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland (world renowned for their integrated healing therapies of chronically ill patients), the Mayr Clinic in Austria, as well as other healing centres in Europe and learnt about the various complementary, naturopathic therapies which facilitate healing eg the use of the bioresonance machine, naturopathy, homeopathy, clinical nutrition and environmental medicine, functional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine concepts, as well as Homotoxicology, Kinesiology and energy medicine in Canada, Japan, Hungary and China. With such an integrated, holistic dental approach, she has been able to make a positive difference to the lives of many chronically ill dental patients, who hail from all over the world, and who have sought her care.

With her periodontal training background and continuing updates in the medical and dental fields, she is very conservative in her approach of periodontal therapies. Thus, she tailors the management of the gum disease to each patient’s individual biochemical profile and lifestyle, so that the patient is able to detect the onset of his dental disease, address his own risk factors and also help maintain his dentition for life.

She complements the basic periodontal and dental care with advanced technologies such as the use of the computerized digital CADCAM system so that metal-free, tooth-coloured, ceramic dental restorations can be fabricated in a single visit.

In line with global concerns about heavy metal pollution and toxicity on the human body, Dr. Gan has since 1997, been safely removing and replacing amalgam fillings according to the protocol set out by IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) while also complementing the procedure with nutritional and biological preparations, to ensure minimal, if any, side effects from it. She has been successful in helping many individuals who have been thus affected, due to their sensitivity to the presence of such fillings in their bodies.

Chronology of Postgraduate Experiences

1981: Bachelor of Dental Surgery(Singapore)

1981-1983: Government dental practice

1983-1988: Private general practice

1988-1990: Hospital-based general dental practice

1991: Attained Master of Science in Periodontology (UK)

1992-2007: February (solo practice): Hospital-based dental practice – focus on periodontology (70%) and full mouth dentistry for treatment of chronic degenerative and immuno-compromised cases

2006-2009: Specialist periodontal work (once a week, restricted) at heartland private group practice

2007 March – Present: Associate in group practice; currently 80% focus on holistic dentistry and management of medically- compromised patients.

Attended postgraduate Primary Course in Clinical Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM): May 2010.

Given talks at international conferences such as SIMS (Society of Integrative Medicine 2006 & 2007) A4M Anti-Aging Conference (2009, 2010 & 2011).

Professional Organisations

Singapore Dental Association (SDA)

Society of Periodontology (Singapore) SOP

Society of Integrative Medicine (Singapore) SIMS

American Academy of Periodontology (U.S.) AAP

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (U.S.) IAOMT

Institute of Functional Medicine (U.S.) IFM

Australian Academy of Clinical Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)

College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore CGDP



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